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After tonight, she would be a virgin no more. Lost in a way he'd never been before. If only the bastard knew the truth. Poverty had crippled her mother, then killed her. Now I can talk about how much I loved this book, and how Syn has changed my life.

My nits with Born of Fire didn't keep it from being entertaining and I am looking forward to the next book as the story moves to Syn's son with Nyk's son as a supporting character. Books by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is the second book in this series from Sherrilyn Kenyon.

They only see my father's son. Only, they must have fantastic heroes to die for, buttkicking action, lots of angst, and wisecracking galore to make up for the moments that break your heart. Not to mention the fact that her time was short. As his father before him, none could touch him until the day he traded himself for a pregnant hostage. People who had no idea just how precious every credit was.

The screen brightened to show her the doctor staring at her with dark, unsympathetic eyes. Years of bitter, aching loneliness and pain.

Each person is accountable for his own actions. She is fully aware that Syn is not a real person. Grabbing her weapon, she stood up and moved to her bedroom in the corner where she could change out of her only dress and into her work clothes. Some of the themes were bonechillingly realistic, and made me think about the world as it is.

You're not some horny teen chasing after the first girl who smiled at you. The one thing she had control over was her body, and as of tonight, she was taking charge of it.

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Without another word, the man left them. Butchered and left for dead, he barely survived.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Because tonight, more than ever before, his memories hurt.

Syn was raised as a tech-thief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life. One of the best trained Seaxes, she's the only one of her generation who survived the training. When Syn comes back on the radar, she's the only one who can bring him to justice. She pushed her doubt and uncertainty away.

Syn or Sheridan, which was his birth name was the usual gorgeous, sexy, irresistible, tortured hero who deserved so much more and better in life than the shit that had been dealt to him. Who in this day and age had eyes like that? His sympathetic stare turned to doubt.

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You know how to take care of yourself and your man. They were completely guileless and honest.

But at least Krista, unlike her, would be spared his outrage. Can't wait to start the next book!

So looking forward to Born of Ice. Start reading Born of Fire on your Kindle in under a minute. Born of Shadows The League. Not nearly as much time was spent in space or in fighters, but way more time was spent in fire-fights, cujo so they were equally action packed.

The reptile man blocked her from entering. But what I loved the most would probably have to be the world. Biting her lip in indecision, she glanced back to the guard who was steadily headed this way. Syn says he's never met a bounty hunter so afraid of everything and she tells him she hates him.

We have two tortured souls just trying to survive the best they can with neither doing a great job of it. She jerked away from him before he hurt her any more. The last thing she wanted was to see them hurt. And it turned his stomach. The author also had this style of writing that annoyed me to no end.

Syn is not easy to capture and she ends up as his captive. Nykyrian was extremely melancholy and never smiled or laughed until he met Kiara.

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It was time to do business. Chastity was one of the highest virtues any woman could possess on her world. Danielle is not actually insane. But you weigh about a ton and a half and this floor is really hard.

The world Sherrilyn Kenyon created is the same, and the writing just keeps getting better. So long as he was passably attractive and gentle, he would be good enough for the night. Kisah ini akan memberimu porsi besar perjuangan cinta yang kuat dan alur rollercoaster sampai akhir.

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