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There were periods in Indian history when they persecuted other groups. Panini, who is the famous grammarian, has mentioned several important personalities of the epics of that period. This was indeed the normal style of story telling of the period. One thing is evident, modern religion Hinduism is not based on Vedas.

Brahma Vaivarta Purana

Those marked without an approximate earliest possible date are of later origin. This poet and dramatist is the author of the two best-known Sanskrit artistic epics, the Kumarasambhava and the Raghuvamsa. Although they have been composed at different times, all the Puranas seem to have been revised at a later date. This is often due to confusion of names and times.

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It tells the story of Krishna as a youth. There is no doubt that Gita came into existence only during the period of Gupta Empire. It may be a good symbolic presentation or an allegory, but not history or scripture truth. In the present day Katha Kala Shepam and Thullal this is clearly visible. The sheer comparison of the Modern Hinduism with the Vedism simply shows that it could not have been connected directly in any way.

It embellishes the Vishnu Purana and is the most complete biography of Krishna. From early monotheism how did it degenerate into polytheism and the elaborate system of Puranas? Thus the Puranas often contradicts each other. Thapan notes that these puranas, like other puranas, developed over a period of time as multi-layered works. Hinduism, as practiced today, radioactive dating graphs is largely inspired by the Puranas.

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Puranas and their dates

They mark the next stage in beliefs after the Vedas. Panicker A Survey of Indian History p.

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Insights into the dynamics of a cult. So when a purana was presented in a codified form it was normally done in a third person method where this person sees the act being carried out in some distant places at distant time. Check the dates that are indicated. Most of them were local stories, which got incorporated, in the bigger picture.

That does not mean it has no historical basis. Classification The Mahapuranas are also classified by the three aspects of Trimurti, and of the Kashmiri Nagas. The Puranas are a valuable source from which to trace the development of Hinduism.

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