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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This game is a real crowd pleaser and it will fill up your party with fun and laughter. Write out the flavor of each type of cake on an index card and place it in an envelope behind the bite-size pieces. Guests will work their way around the room trying to find things they have in common with the other guests.

Set up a photo area where guests can have their photo taken with the bride or other guests at the shower. These light gray chevron bingo cards go with any decor. Have each guest fill-in gifts she thinks the bride may get and then play bingo to see who can be first to get five in a row. Get ready for a night to remember with your friends. You are not allowed to add these images in your website with or without a link to my website.

Whoever guesses the most flavors correctly wins. This bridal shower Scattergories themed game is a quick game that everyone can play. Cut paper into strips and write descriptions of scenarios from the couple's past or future on each one. The truths often turn out to be wackier than the lies cue the hilarious story swapping. These lovely bingo cards can be downloaded in green, gray, and yellow, and come two per page.

Once everything is set up, have the bride go around the room considering each item. Print our ring toss scorecards to keep track. On the invitations, ask each guest to bring lingerie gifts that match their personality and style. To help encourage guests to participate, prepare a take home gift for the bingo winner.

After the host collects the cards, she'll take the bride on a trip down memory lane, speaking them all out loud. Just a note-these coordinate perfectly with our Lemon Themed Bridal Shower.

You should print these cards according to the number of your party guests. These beautiful bingo cards are pretty in pink and green floral and would look great at any bridal shower.

Of course, hosts can sip champagne at any point in the game! The highest number of correct answers wins. Contribute your own ideas and projects to share the joy with our Shutterfly community. Hand out these cards to your guests before the bride-to-be opens her gifts. Each group gets five minutes to act out the scenario in front of the couple.

Have them pull a phrase from the bowl and then set the timer for them to draw it out. It's bingo, bridal shower style. Our Bridal Shower Games Kit gives you the biggest dollop for your dollars with bingo, charades, pin the flower on the wedding dress, and other popular games bundled in a single wedding-themed box. The host calls out the items on the list and the first guest to pull the object from their purse wins a prize. Bridal Shower Scattergories.

This is a fun game that will get everyone laughing. Similar to the Pass the Love Story game above, except for this one, the group creates a silly set of wedding vows. You can time this game and give a prize to the guest who comes up with the highest number of words. Featured Clearance Promotions. You can pick and print the one that matches the theme for your party more.

Fun Bridal Shower Games to Get the Bridal Party Started

If you want to give out a prize to the winner, buy that as well. This is a fun game that I have created today to make your bridal shower party more fun. Make it fun and memorable with these interactive games. Have the hostess take out each item one at a time from the bag to show the guests.

Everyone will have to guess who did what with the bride. You're going to have an all-ages group, and most of the guests have probably never met one another before the party.

Nominate an artist on one of the teams. Here are three simple games ready to play. Whoever pairs the most statements correctly wins the game.

This printable bridal shower bingo game can be played a couple of ways. The key is to try to act out as many of the couple's mannerisms and quirks as you can. You can choose and print the game card of any color that you like.

Blush and Confetti Bridal Shower Bingo

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You can also choose the game card that matches the theme of your bridal shower party more. These blank bingo cards from Fun Squared can be used to guess the gifts the bride will open during the shower or to guess which words will be said during the shower. When guests arrive at the shower, have them put on a novelty ring and read the rules.

When the happy couple needs and idea for a date, they can randomly choose a new adventure. Mad Libs Bridal Shower Game. Give each clipboard to one guest and instruct them to write a vow phrase under the header.

This bridal shower game will have your guests digging through their purses to find out who has what items on the list. These bridal shower games won't cost you anything, 50 cent i get money instrumental they're either free printables or ideas that use items you already have on hand.

Bridal Shower Bingo Free Printable Bridal Shower Game

Some of these free, printable bridal shower bingo cards are meant to be played during gift-opening time, and others are created to be a whole game in and of themselves. Guests try to decide what's fact or fiction while practicing their poker faces. Bridal Shower Bingo Gifts Some typical bridal shower gifts that guests can write down on their card are a blender, coffee maker, toaster, skillet, waffle maker, carafe, pillows or bedding. Give each guest one of the lists and a pen and ask them to guess if the couple is married or not married. The couple judges their guests as to how well they're able to act like them.

They print off two per page and include instructions. Throwing a wedding shower? The host will collect the cards.