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Even at this stage Arthur could not be tied to one location. She is beside herself that she may never see him again or know his forgiveness. Despite his vows of celibacy, Lancelot falls in love with Guenevere, leading to the famous love triangle involving Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot. But Mordred and several knights are waiting behind the curtains, and they catch the lovers together. Arthur is preparing for battle against Lancelot, at the insistence of his knights who want revenge, and England appears headed back into the Dark Ages.

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Nimue does not appear in the film. They accuse Lancelot repeatedly, and several knights are banished after losing their armed challenges. The plot shifts to four years later.

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Arthur thinks back to the night of his marriage to his now-estranged wife, Guenevere. The symbolism of Camelot so impressed Alfred, Lord Tennyson that he wrote up a prose sketch on the castle as one of his earliest attempts to treat the legend. In the Palamedes and other works, the castle is eventually destroyed by King Mark of Cornwall after the loss of Arthur at the Battle of Camlann. Arthur and Guenevere share an emotional farewell, his heart breaking when he sees that she has had all her glorious hair chopped off.

In both the stage and film version, Merlin has disappeared from Arthur's life as an adult. Jousts are held in a meadow outside the city. Mordred is determined to bring down the fellowship of the Round Table by stirring up trouble. Guenevere does not believe Arthur knows yet, but Lancelot tells her that he does, which causes her much guilt and anguish.

Despite this, Cadbury remains widely associated with Camelot. From Geoffrey's grand description of Caerleon, Camelot gains its impressive architecture, dating someone ten years older than your parents its many churches and the chivalry and courtesy of its inhabitants.

His solitude is broken by Guenevere, who has fled from her entourage and enters the same woods that he has taken refuge in. He decides to rise above the scandal and ignore it. Arthur's identity is revealed, and Guenevere gladly goes with him to be married. In the film, this is assumed to have occurred long before the meeting with Guinevere, and Merlyn is excised from this scene.

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The plot returns to the opening. Lancelot asks if there is nothing to be done, but Arthur can think of nothing but to let the events ride out.

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The area's connections with Camelot and Camlann are merely speculative. Inspired by Alcock's Cadbury-Camelot excavation, some authors such as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mary Stewart place their Camelots in that place and describe it accordingly. In American contexts, Camelot refers to the presidency of John F.

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She finds herself drawn to him, but they are interrupted by his men and her entourage. Guinevere and Lancelot meet in secret to discuss the latest accusation, the knight's banishment, and their future.

Mordred cunningly convinces Arthur to stay out hunting all night as a test, knowing that Lancelot will visit Guenevere in her bedchamber. It is surrounded by plains and forests, and its magnificent cathedral, St.

The other knights are aware of the clandestine meetings between Lancelot and Guenevere. Merlyn appears to him and tells Arthur to think back. Knights are shown gathering from all over England. Arthur receives a surprise visit from Lancelot and Guenevere, at the edge of the woods, where she has taken residence at a convent.

However, Guenevere's plan goes awry as Lancelot easily defeats all three, critically wounding Sir Dinadan. However, many knights are killed, and the knights demand vengeance. They clasp arms in farewell, and Lancelot leaves.

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