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Take notes, keep records and create checklists without ever letting go of your mouse. CaptureWizPro makes it easy to share your brilliant ideas with those who don't have the same application or even the same operating system. The Frame button, for example, puts a frame on screen that you can adjust to capture any part of the screen.

Can send captures to your printer or email. It sits unobtrusively on the left edge of the screen or anywhere you prefer and is always ready to grab whatever is on the screen and more!

What do you need to know about free software? If needed, you can use macros to configure tools to work exactly the way you want. Innovative features make it fast and easy.

Start captures from a small capture bar that hides at the edge of your screen. There are free updates within a purchased release and highly discounted price if you want or need to upgrade to a newer release. Two other output choices are Multi and Scroll. By default, the capture bar, which is a small window with a menu bar and toolbar, offers seven buttons.

Each capture gets stored in CaptureWizPro's temporary folder. CaptureWizPro gives you the power to capture it all - screen images, oversize scrolling areas, screen action, video and audio. This is a small but very powerful program for capturing what you see on your computer screen. What sets CaptureWizPro apart are time saving innovative features. Bottom Line CaptureWizPro, from PixelMetrics, lacks some ancillary features that some of its competition offers, but its ability to capture images makes it a fully world-class screen-capture utility.

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Gerald Crowley Best and easiest anywhere. You can set it to capture the primary display only, have it ask you which display to capture when you give the command, or capture the image on all monitors at once. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. You can even scroll both vertically and horizontally on the same image and stitch all the pieces together. Mona Harter My team uses it every day to communicate changes.

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Click here to review our site terms of use. And that's the way it is with everything - fast and efficient. Joyce Conklin Really makes my job easier. Charles Strink By far the best one out there. Taking a screenshot can be tricky from time to time, since some applications react differently when trying to capture them.

Move it across the screen, and it will automatically select windows, parts of windows, or the entire screen, clearly outlining the current selection. In my daily computer usage, I'll frequently capture something and make it a sticky to facilitate whatever it is that I'm trying to do.

CaptureWizPro 6.20

Our predictive capture tool grabs screen objects, like windows and dialogs, with one click or any area with two clicks. By default, CaptureWizPro keeps every capture in its temporary folder for seven days, so you can retrieve each one later. You can then decide what to do with each item from the program's Viewer, which is another choice on the CaptureWizPro toolbar.

CaptureWizPro's built-in editor offers only a few basics, like letting you rotate or flip an image. Grab your stuff while you still can.

CaptureWizPro was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo. Almost daily I need to capture application screen-shots and have found CaptureWizPro to perform this task quickly and easily. CaptureWizPro, from PixelMetrics, lacks some ancillary features that some of its competition offers, 3d powerpoint slides but its ability to capture images makes it a fully world-class screen-capture utility. But the missing features are ancillary. This capture bar stands ready on the sidelines.

Snap a screen shot and email it to tech support. In addition, there's a Video button to capture a series of frames as a video with or without audio, as well as a separate Audio button. Advertisements or commercial links. Capture any portion of anything that scrolls video demo Frame tool composes perfect shots Sticky notes keep captured information visible.

The application features a lightweight image editor that you can use to tweak your images before saving them. Can capture drop-down menus, an extended full-screen image on multiple displays, and other objects that elude much of the competition. Davey Winder - Pc Pro magazine Wonderfully intuitive to use. Pros - Scrolled screenshots - Saved shots area to review - Great small business Cons - slightly confusing interface at times but you get the hang of it. The Scroll option lets you capture more lines in a document, or more of an image, than will fit on screen at once, or capture a scrollable list that's too big to show the entire list at once.

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Use it everyday to explain, remember and organize. David Stone is an award-winning freelance writer and computer industry consultant. Sony Movie Studio has the same flaw. Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. It can help you every day to explain, remember and organize.

David Eisler deserves a medal for this one. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Why CaptureWizPro is best. Using the application, you can grab screenshots of any window or menu, no matter how troublesome they can be to capture regularly.

The New Streaming Giants Explained. The most powerful and intuitive capture tool bar none. One of the nicer touches in CaptureWizPro is that you can customize the buttons and hot keys however you like. Furthermore, you can select what you want to capture, so that the program will know how to react. The program also lets you attach any pair of capture-and-save options to any of six hot keys.


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Dr Ray Tobiason Lifesaver when restoring router from captured settings. CaptureWizPro even knows how to deal with multiple displays, giving you the choice of three settings for its full-screen capture command. That was losing the saved dimensions of the capture window in a second monitor. Use CaptureWizPro like a digital scissors. It's as perfect for the purpose as it can get.

Any captured image can be easily printed or sent via email. High-performance recorder with timer.