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Experience with Python is helpful but not required. Great crash-course for Python. In the end, this course saved me lots of time I would have wasted looking for the right way to implement my code. Please contact us using the form to the right to be put on the waitlist.

Onsite corporate classes are also available. Transforming the business of science means optimizing tools, processes, and people. Diller understands the Python fundamentals thoroughly and focuses not only on how to do something but more importantly on why specific features of the language work the way they do. The course instructor was very considerate and thoughtful throughout the course. Next we review the Jupyter Notebook, a cell-based environment that renders scripts, plots, and rich media in a web-like interface, making it ideal for sharing and publishing analysis with peers.

The course was dense yet easy to follow. Python for Scientists and Engineers.

To drive business success, transform science practice. This class went beyond expectations. Data-Types strings, lists, dictionaries and more. This class is intended for scientists and engineers interested in using Python for their day-to-day computational tasks.

It begins with a one-day introduction to the Python language focusing on standard data structures, control constructs, and code organization. Post-doctoral fellow Nanoscience. Solve Really Hard Problems Go beyond brainpower to tackle problems that seem out of reach. An overview of interfacing with Fortran is available upon request. We help you integrate and interact with masses of data to ask the right questions and unlock the best opportunities.

Our training teaches students how to write software with Python and solve problems using its scientific packages, not how to use proprietary software. Unlock Hidden Value Turn scientific data into on-target business insights. The instructor was adept at explaining both the basics of the language and common uses of popular python tools. But after the class, Python is one of my primary programming languages. It was great to learn from people with extensive experience in both the development of some of those tools, and their application to solve real-world problems across diverse fields and sectors.

Turn disruption into transformation. Free scientists and engineers up to ask the right questions, expand the field of inquiry, and make intuitive leaps. This was by far one of the best. Computational Engineer National Research Laboratory. This course was extremely useful in clearly teaching best practices in Python.

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Will I still benefit from this course? Built on top of NumPy arrays, the Python Data Analysis Library Pandas is a powerful and convenient package for dealing with multi-dimensional datasets. It pushed the boundaries of what I could absorb, which was good because it covered a lot of ground and the exercises are well documented for self-study. Niederhut is not only thoroughly knowledgable about the Python language and its many components, but also highly effective at communicating this knowledge. Schedule Your Briefing To drive business success, transform science practice.

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The NumPy package is presented as a tool for rapidly manipulating and processing large data sets. Exceptionally knowledgeable instruction, with good examples and exercises.

Software Craftsmanship in Python We review important concepts from software engineering and place them in the context of coding in Python. In particular, participants need to be comfortable with general programming concepts like variables, loops, and functions. Diller is a top-notch instructor. Contact us with the form to the right to learn more. Make just-right investments to transform business-critical chemistry, physics, biology, and beyond.

When billion dollar business outcomes depend on hard science, you need a partner that understands both. Yes, a class completion certificate is provided for the Python for Scientists and Engineers class.

How much of your training is usable without Enthought software? Enthought instructors possess professional, first-hand experience with the tools and technologies covered in our courses. Working with Enthought, I helped code solutions that transform our approach to chemistry. He showed that he is extremely competent and experienced in Python. From this course I feel I've gained a good appreciation of how to go about building a Python application that performs, for example, full pc game websites scientific data processing and visualization.

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Grant was a wealth of knowledge and truly showcased what can be done with Python and Canopy in an easy to follow manner. Everything you will learn uses free and open source software.

Is a class completion certificate provided? My knowledge on Python was nonexistent before the class. Time series analysis and data manipulation with Pandas. When business success hangs on hard science, the choice is to transform and survive, or risk dying away.

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