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See more benefits opens new window. Ive never had any issues with it and i find that it creates easy to use tests and can categorize information smoothly.

With this product instructors can easily add or edit questions, print multiple versions of the same test, scramble multiple choice questions, and more. This works in tandem with other TurningPoint web polling environments, which support online polling and scheduled homework and surveys. ExamView features a user-friendly testing environment that allows you to not only publish traditional paper and computer based tests, but also Web-deliverable exams.

TurningPoint and ExamView also require that you create an account. It's really awesome for math however like most word processing software its really hard to create your own diagrams or geometric figures. ExamView by Turning Technologies. It's quick to load and I don't think I've ever seen it buffer before. My classmates and I gained a simple way to take our tests.

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The students love the convenience of taking the exam at their leisure. It's mostly grey and has a very dreary look to it. It allows the production of examinations in different ways for education in a foreign language and in addition, it is possible to interact with students on-line.

Love love love this program. Test Manager troubleshooting tips. WorkSpace Engage learners with interactive whiteboards and easy-to-use software.

Our mobile assessment solution. You can easily add your own questions and exhibits. TurningPoint desktop is a versatile, full-featured tool that helps instructors engage and assess with interactive questions. Multiple Choice, open-ended, matching, case, etc. TurningPoint web for PowerPoint features a streamlined interface making it easier than ever to engage, assess and track learner progress.

Not only is ExamView Pro flexible and easy to learn, it is provided at no cost to adopters of selected Thomson South-Western textbooks! The ability to upload a test bank all at once without having to type or enter questions manually is great. It has a bland atmosphere because it doesn't have much color. It was touted as a test generator and I assumed it meant that it only gave me the ability to create paper based tests. Thomson South-Western develops all the test questions for Thomson South-Western titles, combines those questions with the ExamView engine, and the result is our book-specific ExamView products.

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Allows the instructors to scramble the answers and questions per exam or per printing. You can then deliver the test via the Internet, and student results will be automatically e-mailed back to you. All software listed on file. Smooth running program that is efficient. Using Examview for tests in my classes provided a simple solution for testing.

Use TurningPoint software to evaluate learning, gather valuable data, and give everyone a voice no matter how big the class, training session or event. The best feature of ExamView is that it actually works! Undo, cut, copy, paste, find and replace, and spell-checking functions are available at the touch of a key, as well as the ability to create tables, borders, and shading. Create, administer and manage questions for formative and summative assessments. ExamView Assessment Suite is a comprehensive software solution aimed mainly at teachers and professors, as a means of helping them create and administer tests more efficiently.

This works great for building exams. Choose a web or desktop platform. ExamView is a complete testing platform that simplifies assessment development and distribution. ExamView Assessment Suite. However, you can download an older free trial from this page as well as purchase the newest editions.

Use the ultra-efficient Quick Test Wizard to create an exam in less than five minutes, take advantage of the question banks, or even customize your own exams. ExamView allows the instructors to create custom exams with many different options. Track student performance. ExamView Test Player Students can take tests and view study guides over a local area network.

We use this software to upload test banks into Blackboard. It helps Windows select the right program to open the file. It's well worth the modest price.

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Testing and assessment is easier and more powerful with ExamView. ExamView Pro also lets users to come up with study guides that can be accessed by test takers. There are many options available the ExamView suite. Most trusted test generation software. Other than that, metastock data I'm completely satisfied with the software.

They asked, you're listening. It is cumbersome to download a new software installation for each textbook. Does it exactly what its supposed to!

We help you open your file We have a huge database of file extensions file types with detailed descriptions. ExamView Pro users are guided by the Quick Test Wizard that will prompt the steps on how to create a test. WorkSpace is a powerful teaching tool when used together with Touch Board Plus, Mobi View or any whiteboard or flat screen.

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It comes with a bank of questions that you can pull from the text and easily turn it into a multiple choice exam! It also comes with the option to use multiple choice, short answer, or essay questions.

ExamView Pro

Track Student Performance. Our Markets Education Use interactive tools to engage students both inside and outside the classroom.

The first time using this software, I walked out of the room believing I got a certain score on a test, but once extended responses were factored in, I got a completely different grade! We have a huge database of file extensions file types with detailed descriptions. Saved time by allowing the software to create and grade multitudes of exams.