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Hence, if you plan to get involved in such or suchlike issues and create flat and metro style web page, all that is required from you is to set up this wonderful theme and enjoy its benefits. The next interactive and animated, smart and intuitive, versatile and functional flat website creation tool with simple and metro style approach is Kraft. If you are in the pursuit of checked and relied variant to push forward the flat and minimalistic look of your website, sunday suspense satyajit ray I Am One Pro is not less than the best one for you.

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10 Responsive Metro WordPress themes for flat & modern websites -SKT

It also supports WordPress Post Formats, giving you the option of creating microblogs similar to Tumblr. This is a profound advantage many people prefer to have for their future modernly stylized website and hence metro WordPress themes.

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The theme offers infinite scroll, which allows posts to autoload as the viewer scrolls down, Pinterest-style. The theme's responsiveness can be toggled on or off. Four layouts are included in the theme all of them are viewable in the demo. The theme is multipurpose, subsequently, almost every kind of activity can be successfully distributed by its application.

20 Best Metro-Style WordPress Themes 201910 Responsive Metro WordPress themes for flat & modern websites -SKT

All things considered, Zinc is a robust theme with great looks and a very fair price tag. The default background is black and patterned creatively. To start with, Modern Metro's home page is quite unlike anything you're ever bound to come across. You can close the expander by clicking out on the background. Nemo doesn't play very well with other plugins and the like, as it clearly isn't stylized for them.

Matrix comes with a unique home page style covered with tiles. When you scroll down the page, the menu resizes and becomes slightly smaller. Several different predefined home page layouts are built into the theme, such as slider with two medium tiles, slider with four medium tiles, four long tiles, and more. Several shortcodes, custom page templates, and a filterable and expandable portfolio are available in Aeolus.

Great selection, i was searching for a metro style theme for a project about windows-phone and lumia phone. Metro is really amazing and this blows my mind.

Having a a digital theme is a very good theme as it expose the buttons very well. The theme comes packaged with over custom icons and flag icons. The advanced theme options panel is quite powerful and simple to use. You can also create mega menus supported by images and icons.

The look is clean, modern and light. The sans serif typography supplements the graphics quite well. There are two portfolio layouts, two and three column. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Only fill in if you are not human Your email address will not be published.

To top it all off, the portfolio pages scroll infinitely. For starters, the portfolio items are stacked in a Masonry layout, which in my opinion is the best kind of layout for grids of images. The menu buttons are square tiles colored in. Hover colors are dynamically generated for buttons and links based on their original color.

When you click on it, the tile expands to reveal more info about the product. Once you get past that and into the actual demo, I guarantee that your breath will be taken away. While that looks great, the truth is that readability of a website is greatly hindered when the text is white on a black background. To start with, there's no end to the types of websites Zinc looks good on. The menu is located on the left side of the website, and is only displayed when the user hits the menu icon.

It's quite an interesting feature. What's more, if you plan on running a blog on Nemo, you can think again. The background is set to a very dark default black in all color skins.

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20 Best Metro-Style WordPress Themes 2019

But even so, Everest is a great choice if you're looking for a distinctive style to brand your website with. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission. Your email address will not be published. However, all things considered, Squid Mag is a great buy for the price. Lightboxes, multiple shortcodes, and a choice of several fonts are also included.

Charlie Livingston Charlie is the founder of aThemes. One Touch includes a tile generator, which allows you to create tiles with ease.

WP Metro Free Responsive Wordpress Theme

MetroStore has a unique feature in its sidebar menu. Metrofy is power-packed with a filterable portfolio, many different shortcodes, and a translation ready back end.

PicArt is nothing less than impressive styled metro WordPress themes with clean and minimalistic look. The theme options panel is intuitive and simple to navigate.