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And it's that scary stuff that makes it such a compelling sci-fi story. But once the scary stuff hits the screen, this unrelated follow-up not only manages to find its own feet, it delivers a third-act roller coaster that will exhaust mild-mannered viewers. The far wall offers merchandise for sale, play nfs most wanted online indicating the end of the I Like Scary Movies Experience has been reached.

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Crimson Peak is a new take on horror, but set in a time period that makes horror feel more suspenseful than ever. Happy newlyweds did not suspect that a successful marriage would soon turn into a complete madness, filled with nightmarish events.

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But I'm being intentionally vague for a reason. It's not pretty, and the violence should resonate even more in our current climate. And if you saw a horror film you really liked but isn't on this list, let me know on Twitter scottEweinberg. It's also super creepy and sometimes extremely gory. It's an old-fashioned slasher flick throwback set in a horror-themed carnival.

The suburbs never seemed so frightening. If you're looking for shocks and kills you may want to skip this one for now, but it's actually a very impressive piece of work from a very consistent horror filmmaker. After a strange sexual encounter, a teenager finds herself plagued by disturbing visions and the inescapable sense that something is following her. It's also got a colorful cast, with Jason Statham having some fun amid his tough-guy heroics, and a few wacky set pieces that are plain old fun.

Because of personal problems, she started using drugs but managed to get a grip. Stanley Kubrick's classic features some of the most iconic scenes in horror history and gave us an honest fear of twins, hotels, axes, and Jack Nicholson. Alien directed by Ridley Scott. It's not quite as good as The Others but it's right in that wheelhouse.

Nyman and Dyson adapt their long-running stage play into a horror collection that's not only funny, surprising, and literate, but also pretty darn creepy. It's a gruesome joke, and fortunately Cage and Blair are in on it. This may not be Stephen King's scariest film he's made a living off of terrifying us all but this movie seriously made us never want to bury anything for fear of of it coming back evil. But not everything is so simple. Haunted houses are fairly common in horror cinema, but haunted neighborhoods?

The Freddy exhibits are great, but they receive less space than those of the other franchises on display. Always shower with the lights on and the curtain open!

Caligari Das Cabinet des Dr. It's about a family that discovers some distasteful things after their estranged matriarch passes away, and those old secrets quickly blossom into all-new horrors that you simply won't see coming. And Saw was gory as can be. It all makes sense in the end, but along the way we get several great performances, a bunch of solid scares, and some challenging ideas. Poltergeist directed by Tobe Hooper.

The Shining directed by Stanley Kubrick. Strong performances and a smart screenplay keep this potentially familiar tale from ever becoming obvious or redundant. Here's another rock-solid indie chiller to throw on the list. Unlike the first two exhibits, the scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street are not presented in large show rooms but in smaller spaces set off of a long corridor.

That's kind of a new twist. The prehistory of the subsequent tragedy began many years ago, but William and his small family will have to pay for the terrible sinful actions of his ancestors. Either way, things get pretty nasty. Turns out someone in the group is a raving psycho.

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Nyman plays a professional skeptic tasked with debunking three spooky mysteries, and of course he's due for a very rude awakening. Buffy creator Joss Whedon and veteran Buffy writer Drew Goddard co-wrote this witty spin on the haunted-house genre which Goddard also directed. Nothing extraordinary was observed in the monastery for decades. The world has been overrun by creatures who are completely blind, but have uncanny hearing and will kill anything they sense nearby.

Ambitious scientist Jack Griffin becomes the possessor of a substance that makes matter invisible. He met the beautiful girl, with whom he entered into relationships soon. Fortunately, this is the kind of area where walking a block or two affords an opportunity to find a great place to eat after attending the show.

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Three film students venture out into the woods to uncover a local mystery about a supposed witch. There is no horror movie scene more iconic than the shower scene in this Alfred Hitchcock thriller. It included the elements of suspense that horror fans love, but it also highlighted the new effects that the horror genre was able to use when it came to gore.

Although there certainly is some of the latter. Sarah is incredibly happy that she married a beloved man. Or to put it more prosaically, these artworks are arranged like a series of photo-ops, which invite not only poses but also participation, such as flinging oneself into a pit of foam blocks. The first of it's kind, The Blair Witch Project brought fear home by putting the audience in the story with it's hand-held film style. That's inside a horrific fortress.

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Strange incidents do not bypass Jack, whom unknown forces turn into a ghost. The family anticipates that their difficulties will be compounded by the imminent delivery of their new baby.

Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. Suspiria is not one of the official inspirations for I Like Scary Movies, but this corridor is reminiscent. Have you ever played one of those games in which you awaken after a zombie apocalypse and have to find all the essential components to stay alive?

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The Last Key Elise Rainier has the ability to come into contact with spirits, which she uses for the benefit of people who are in a difficult situation associated with otherworldly forces. This will be her last selfie!