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He wanted to stay home most of the time, so she accused him of being boring. Now imagine another peacock who has his feathers readily on show for all to see and thrives from being surrounded by all these humans in awe. An inconvenient truth is better than a convenient falsification achieved through seemingly harmless sugar coating and gentle distortions meant to shelter people from the raw reality. From the onset, I was determined to let my boyfriend understand that he must not confuse his initial level of comfort around me with us sharing a much deeper connection at the start. However, personality dynamics are more complex than this.

Feeler is attracted to the objective, tough-minded Thinker who can take and give criticism without taking offense. We like to feel like we are connected to people. They may fail to consistently enact their own theories or advice. Mind you, until earlier this year, my dear boyfriend had existed on this earth without owning an iron. This makes them particularly well equipped to help meet the needs of their partner, intuitively knowing and understanding what the other is looking for.

We enjoy deep conversations and expressing our thoughts and feelings. The maturity and wisdom that comes from self-growth always positions individuals in a better place to relate to their friends and loved ones.

So when my thinker boyfriend says something bluntly without meaning anything ill at all, it always evokes a larger than expected reaction from me. Now imagine a garden full of peacocks. Their philosophical and deductive minds are always trying to zero in on a unified or singular truth. Both types are intuitive, and my husband can glean things from others and a room environment as well. He tackled the problem with military precision and would completely phase out for an hour a day whilst completing the mission.

In a short while, they may find they run out of things to talk about. This is where learning to let go of S outcomes, along with showing grace is extremely important. Because both enjoy the silence so much, they may take communication for granted and not share their feelings with each other often enough. Because both parties enjoy talking about the future, their conversations will more often revolve around future hopes and dreams and exciting possibilities.

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Struggles Without a common interest, they may find it challenging to keep the conversation going. Intuition-Intuition Joys Because both parties enjoy discussing big ideas, possibilities and global issues, they will usually find a certain attraction to each other. It sometimes makes the situation more complicated than normal. Both may refuse to budge on their standards and compromise. Even considering these inherent differences, we can learn from each other using what we know about ourselves.

Judging-Judging We like to use calendars to organise ourselves. Anything I can think up, he can execute.

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There is a lot of affection in the relationship. Of course these are generalizations, something personality theory as a whole is subject to.

They spend most of their time collecting and taking in information which they quietly ruminate on and ponder over. Thinking-Feeling Joys Thinker will be attracted to the Feeler's compassion and warmth toward Thinker and others, which Thinker may find lacking in self. For the majority of the time, our temperaments are similar. Him more so than me as I appear to be the risk averse one.

Intuition-Intuition We enjoy discussing big ideas and solving the worlds troubles over dinner. He is a lot more social that I am and has different groups of friends the mind boggles. Because both tend to be opinionated, their arguments and quarrels may be more intense. If they have a common interest, introverts will enjoy those long, deep meaningful conversations they can have with one another.

My husband told me shortly after we met that he found me intimidating. We enjoy talking about the future. From my own experience, baekhyun dating allkpop I find most extroverts to be too much to take. They will also appreciate their partner's ability to keep up with the demands of everyday living and stay on top.

Maybe I was just being over cautious but I will explain below why I did not need to go through any of that with him. Thinkers may not understand the Feeler's desire for harmony and hence avoidance of conflict.

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