Mozilla Firefox New Version 2011

Options panel created for Web Developer Toolbox. Fixed various stability fixes. Added a preference to load tabs on demand, improving startup time when windows are restored. Discontinued projects are in italics.

Open, native video can now be displayed full screen and supports poster frames. Session Restore failed with a corrupted sessionstore.

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Improved the discoverability of Firefox Sync. This is also the last version to support Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Changes during Nightly releases This and newer versions erase the cookie permissions database of any previous Firefox version. The codename for this version was Namoroka. Mute and volume available per window when using WebAudio.

Passwords made portable

Mozilla Foundation and its contributors Mozilla Corporation. Additional polish for the Firefox Add-ons Manager. Firefox's year anniversary.

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Native support for the Opus audio format added. Support for alpha option in canvas context options.

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Lazy frame construction for faster dynamic pages. Smoother animation and scrolling. The replacement name, Firebird, provoked an intense response from the Firebird database software project.

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Improvements in Cairo graphics layer. Improved page load times due to no longer decoding images that are not visible. The Bookmarks Toolbar has been replaced with a Bookmarks Button by default you can switch it back if you'd like. Fixed stability issues for some graphics hardware and feature sets.

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Improved ability for applications to monitor and control which devices are used in getUserMedia. More Cocoa regression fixes. Improved heuristics to save usernames and passwords. Tab on Top can now be implemented.

Added features to Reader Mode that make it easier on the eyes and the ears. Added ability to display server-side logs in the console. Added a one-time add-on selection dialog to manage previously installed add-ons. Fixed a problem in which users who import cookies from Google Chrome can end up with broken websites.

Mozilla now uses an infallible allocator. In comparison, exploit code for known, annavaram songs doregama critical security vulnerabilities in Firefox was available for nine days before Mozilla issued a patch to remedy the problem.

Mozilla delays Firefox 4 release until 2011

Integration of generational garbage collection. Support for diffing heap snapshots added to the memory tool.

All it needs is the same compatabiltys as the other and its perfect. General stability, performance, and compatibility improvements. Fix for a crash impacting the video playback with Media Source Extension.

Regular security and stability updates. Allows spaces in cookie names. Security and stability update.

Preliminary implementation of Firefox Health Report. Added Twitter to the search bar.

It also added support for H. Fixed the focus rings that keep growing when repeatedly tabbing through elements.