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Seriously though give the easeus program a shot. They did the same when they bought powerquest and it became ghost back in the day. For some reason my pc won't set up my dvd, although i did set it up in the Bios. Other system requirements are the same as the host operating system. Did windows boot properly now.

Can Norton Ghost v. 15 be used to clone a hard drive to another hard drive

You can select each one with your mouse and then press the delete key on the keyboard. If you never tried the ghost system recovery disk, I suggest you try it and you will see what Deric is talking about. Acronis True Image File and system disk imaging backup and restore. If you did that, do you have another computer you can use to get online if the system does not boot?

Thank you to everyone who participated in this discussion and who provided information on other ways of doing this. Members can enroll in this course at no extra cost.

Norton Ghost Disk Cloning Tools Now Available for Power Users

This is very useful because have an exact copy of all your files and Windows settings at any given time. With any Windows migration, there are many things to consider.

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The cloned drive should be master now, and do not install old drive at this time. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution view. What you can't do is run a clone onto an external drive but what you can do is copy a image of your computer onto the external drive. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. The copy ran for a number of hours, as expected.

That evidently prevented a successful boot-up, and left me hanging at the Welcome screen with no users listed. This is useful for an hard drive failure.

You think it would be eaiser to mount the resgistry on the external, fix it, and then swap drives? This feature enables you to create a duplicate copy of your drive with additional hidden drives. Back Up Data and Files -Sometimes. Please visit the forum to start a new thread.

Can you please provide the method that works for you? Make sure the drive from the external case has the same jumper settings and is connected to the same cable connection the old one was. First track option shows available devices, which happens to be where my old windows is at the c drive. This time Windows booted up just fine and the computer was none the wiser. Solutions Learn More Through Courses.

When cloning, partition sizing is automatically calculated and performed on the destination drive while the user has the option of adjusting the recommended size. In today's world, what is the best way to do that? When that finally became apparent to me, I Googled for instructions on how to change the drive letters.

The latest version of Norton Ghost uses a completely different engine than previous versions. Creating backup copies in Norton Ghost is really easy. Symantec bought another product and renamed it Norton Ghost.

Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no hassle. Seagate DiscWizard only works with Maxtor and Seagate disc drives. That's all gud, and thx to you guys holding my hand. Should I delete the original C drive first? First, i get a list of instructions where it says at the bottom, that user should do this with a tecnical advisor.

Will appreciate feedback in this thread, or directly to pjl comcast. If you are still struggling getting your head round the terminology I can post the exact steps to take with a series of screen shots.

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Your response is most appreciated by this amateur. When you look at the external drive in windows, you see all the folders and files or do you see large. You have to delete that block and start again. Task manager would run if it was the first thing tried after reboot, but test was definitely a failure. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

Close the box for regedit, close the box for the command prompt. Dell Vostro rebooted, all looked normal, but nothing would run. Windows will not boot properly from that drive but that problem can be fixed. Suffer a lot from data loss? It is the fastest disk imaging and cloning software!

ScottCha, These instructions only describe how to create a backup of a hard drive. Norton Ghost can also create an exact copy of your hard drive with all the existing files, programs and settings. This is what the main screen should look like when you boot the disk. The company is a leading provider of software products for the consumer market and is rapidly growing its presence as a provider of solutions to enterprise organizations.

Cloning the partition is not working for me, so I'll try Ghosting an image and restore it to my new drive. If so, how do I go about getting my clone drive in its place and make sure its boot able at that? And other issue is clone from a small hd to a bigger. The drive is back in the freezer now, so I'm looking for some clues as to why the clone operation didn't perform as I had expected. You do not want both drives connected, audio writer only the drive that was external.

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