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The sort order can be changed by clicking in the column headers if desired. If there is a match, the request is never intercepted.

Also, adding the ability to define what is or isn't interesting in the fuzz results, and save only interesting conversations to the summary. For performance reasons, edits are calculated using word tokens, rather than byte by byte. You can read a brief tutorial to explain the basic workings.

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Future windows will pop-up properly. Extensions - automates checks for files that were mistakenly left in web server's root directory e.

You should see something similar to the next image. Extensions for files and directories can be edited by user. Basically, it will ignore any proxy settings if it thinks that the server you are trying to reach is on the local machine. Various proxy plugins have also been developed to allow the operator to control the requests and responses that pass through the proxy. You can also configure WebScarab to intercept responses, in case you want to change the behaviour of some parts of the page.

Namespaces Category Discussion. Beanshell - allows for the execution of arbitrarily complex operations on requests and responses. If you do not want this to happen, you should use the Raw mode. For the sake of simplicity, I will also assume that you are using Internet Explorer.

OWASP Source Code Center - Browse /WebScarab at

WebScarab Getting Started

Reveal hidden fields - sometimes it is easier to modify a hidden field in the page itself, rather than intercepting the request after it has been sent. Initially, I will assume that you have full unrestricted access to the Internet that is, you are not behind a proxy.

WebScarab defaults to using port on localhost for its proxy. It is provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies. Anything that can be expressed in Java can be executed. Screenshots Here's the main window of WebScarab. Bandwidth simulator - allows the user to emulate a slower network, in order to observe how their website would perform when accessed over, say, a modem.

WebScarab has several modes of operation, implemented by a number of plugins. Extensibility As a framework, WebScarab is extensible. Here's the main window of WebScarab. Compare - calculates the edit distance between the response bodies of the conversations observed, prince of persia 3d pc games and a selected baseline conversation. Stable Release - Assessment Details.

Checks are performed for both, files and directories e. Finally, if there are multiple intercept windows opened e. If that sounds like you, welcome! You can see the request and response in a variety of forms. It is written in Java, and is thus portable to many platforms.

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The Summary window is split into two parts. This project has produced a book that can be downloaded or purchased.

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This setting will be saved, and used on subsequent runs of WebScarab. WebScarab features request and response editing, session analysis and BeanShell scripting. The script can then perform some analysis on the responses, with all the power of the WebScarab Request and Response object model to simplify things. If so, you should stop that other program. The canonical source repository for WebScarab is at GitHub.

You can now edit any part of the request you choose. Contact Rogan Dawes to contribute to this project Contact Rogan Dawes to review or sponsor this project. Rogan Dawes how can you learn more? To see the details of a particular conversation, you can double-click on a row in the table, and a window showing the request and the details of the response will open.

In some cases, using the Raw mode may be the easiest anyway, especially if you have something that you wish to paste in. If you have a great idea for a plugin, please let us know about it on the list.

This only works with the -installer version of WebScarab! Namespaces Page Discussion. There are a few major areas that might need explanation. As a framework, WebScarab is extensible. New features can be easily implemented as well.