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There was a sedan at the curb. Then talk of putting it in old people so if they were hurt, response time could be quick.

If you enjoyed the first, ignore the book description it does describe anything, read this. As any crime fiction reader understands by now, Reacher could take these two thugs with no problem whatsoever. This is a fun read, and fans of the series certainly won't want to miss it. Honestly, honey boo boo's mom dating sex offender I have read Stephen Hunter and even to some extent Tom Clancy and they both do a better job. His trigger finger still looked ready to go to work.

But he knew that feeling was deceptive. Then she had nodded in an embarrassed fashion and he had taken her arm and waited a beat, feeling helpful but awkward. Just who the hell is this guy? The truck droned on for a couple of minutes. Snapped the other half of the cuff onto it.

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About four hundred fifty miles from Chicago, maybe. For all its power, it weighed under two pounds. He left her dry cleaning in the back of the sedan with her handbag. Those cars would never have been seen again.

So he died, because for a split second he got brave. Holly gasped and used both hands to shift her leg. The leader got in front on the right. The guy holding it looked more or less like he knew what he was doing. Reacher spent a second weighing those odds.

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Not the sustained kind of thing that wins you a medal in a war, but the split-second kind of blurting outrage that gets you killed on the street. But the guy in front smiled a thin smile and leaned right over into the back of the car. They disguised it, maybe changed the plates.

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Last thing Reacher saw before darkness enveloped him was the driver, pulling a matchbook from his pocket. He had circulated Reacher's paper and the Army as a whole had backed his recommendation.

She hopped and limped across the short distance. Not for the specialized requirements of his unit. The jawbone fragment was the only piece left of the guy.

The guy's eyes were hard and his mouth was a tight line. The Beretta was also a nine-millimeter, a half-pound heavier, an inch longer, two fewer rounds in the magazine.

Three things grow from this and none of them are good. The two men were pointing the guns. So they stole the black sedan and used that instead. Then the leader in the front pulled Reacher along the leather seat and passed him on to the jumpy guy.