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Used for youth hockey games to cheer on the Police Cadets squirt team. Then there's Ogden, where what could be the last four throat rotational Alertronic resides. Also the fact that most only test once a month means the process of capturing all of the ones I want is going to be a long term project. Definitely one of the most fun instruments I own.

It would be, to say the least, amazing to have it's sound immortalized in super high definition. The Steve Weiss brand hand-held crank siren is the perfect solution to all of your musical siren needs. Ones that are kind of broken and sound strange? Check out the video below!


The siren can be operated electrically or manually. An entire generation was scarred forever by the sound of the motorised siren. In response to the other reviewers, the guys at Steve Weiss Music explained to me that this is a real siren, idm new version not something made just for music.

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn. Sirens included in the library. The result is an undulating siren alarm sound. So I added the Dutch metadata to the sound files of which I know is authentic.

Most recordings have extreme long approaches and tails. On top of that, I'd prefer to record most of them in the cold months as there's a lot less birds out making noise that make the recordings less desirable. In cities and industrial areas, these levels can obviously not be reached.

It appeared impossible to figure out which countries and which years. Really any suggestions you might have will be very much appreciated.

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These mechanical alarm sirens are widely used all over the world. They cover current sirens all the way back to the sixties.

All sounds are Soundminer metadata embedded. In England, each village and city had its own network of sirens. American sirens are covered very well. It's far too many to list here, and I likely won't get the chance to record them all. From all of the youtube videos I came across I eventually found this wonderful community.

Videos and Sound Clips No multimedia for this product. If you don't know what that is, I won't go into all of the specifics of the job, but at the most basic level I record and create sound effects for films, tv shows, games, etc. Want to save money on sound effects? Siren Sound Effects Recording. Save some green in our bargain basement.

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You can easily cut sound perspective to picture which makes for a more natural, authentic and dynamic feel. Purchased for a sound effect in a live concert.

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While there are plenty of good recordings, the siren in itself is a rather rare breed that seems to be dying quickly. The higher the number of the rotor's revolutions, the higher the pitch of the howling.

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We informed local police and residents about our upcoming recording session. Then there's Oak Ridge, but that's down in Tennessee. Mechanical Air Raid Siren Sound Mechanical alarm sirens create a howling noise by rotating a shovel-studded drum within a container that sports openings. Some of them were electrical e. It's working out fantastically for the recording project for which I needed it, and it is slowly finding its way into a prominent role in several other projects.

One thing I've recently became fascinated with is tornado sirens. Granted, those last two seem to be a bit finnicky when it comes to testing. Your email address will not be published. For more details, please see our site requirements.

Mechanical alarm sirens are often mounted on rooftops, high rise buildings and pylons. It would be more professional if the bag came in black. Mechanical alarm sirens create a howling noise by rotating a shovel-studded drum within a container that sports openings. During the Cold War, sirens were no longer used to warn of air raids. We rigged a relative quiet car up with different speakers and horns to be able to switch quickly between setups.

Looks like I'm going to have to take the first tuesday in December off! Like I mentioned, I'm in Chicago, but I've got a budget to work with so really if the siren is cool enough I'd totally be willing to travel pretty much anywhere in the country.

Works fine for what it is, even though there were some sharp edges i needed to file down before use. The manufacturer includes the camo bag because in parts of the world this siren is used for actual military use. So no sirens are recorded on set anymore, at least here in the Netherlands. This siren has the hand dampener feature to quickly and easily dampen the siren sound for those passages in music that need to go from triple forte to almost silent in a flick of a finger. In-depth recordings of eight different police sirens, three firefighter sirens and three ambulance sirens are included.