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You may want to towel or rag dry the floor to prevent streaks that air drying may cause. It is highly rewarding to work on unique, historic floors like this and to contribute to its preservation for many more years to come. Slate floors are made from tiles which are constructed from quarried rock and, therefore, can also be fragile.

Apply two coats if necessary and polish again. This is exactly what I did, first using a coarse pad, before gradually moving up through medium and fine, to eventually using a very fine pad to achieve the desired polished effect.

If so, this will need removing before you can wash the tiled floor. Before cleaning the entire floor, test the surface to be sure that you are not dealing with any special finishes that may discolor the tile. Sealing Old Flagstones On the final day, I completed the job by sealing the floor.

As a word of caution, do not use oil on slate tiles because it is an unsuitable covering for slate. Any grit that was there can be ground into the slate and cause cracks or scarring on the tile surface. The best cleaners for slate tiles are ones that have no acid in them as do lemon juice, vinegar, and ammonia. Slate tiles originate from a number of places around the world, whether they are cheap or expensive, and as such, dating website voucher codes they can take different methods of cleaning depending on the type.

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If you have slate tiles on your floor and they have lost their shine, don't give up. The second stage of the cleaning process was to strip the floor of any old sealers.

You will note that as the floor dries out, the slate tiles will look dull and without sheen. Shining Slate Tiles Rinse your tile surface thoroughly with warm water to be sure all residue of soap is gone. It is not totally necessary because some floor waxes can be mopped, but other more long lasting waxes will require that level of care and patience. Simply mix the amount recommended on the label of the product in warm water and mop as you would any floor. Picture shows how cleaning and sealing has brought out the colour and beauty of the slate.

Always use floor recommended wax polish on slate. Once all the tiles have the same appearance, you will know the floor is totally dry and ready for waxing.

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As a result, it would take me three days to restore the Flagstone tiles back to their best possible condition. Instead, opt for a mild household cleaner, perhaps with an alkaline base since this is safe to use on slate.

Slate Stone Cleaning and Sealing

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Two main options exist, but the one you will want to use for a glossy finish is topical sealer. This is done without causing any further damage to the surface of the Flagstone tiles. Wash away all the loose particles and rinse the mop after every use.

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Even if they are cheap, there are a couple of easy fixes that can make all the difference. Cleaning Old Flagstones My first task was removing the medley of muck and dirt left over from the building works from the Flagstone tiles. Type of Cleaner Clean slate tiles will have a natural shine, so before using a product specially for creating shine, just give your slate a good scrubbing.

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This will mean getting on your knees and polishing the wax into each individual tile. If you see streaks, try rinsing with clear water only. Use a firm bristled brush to brush off any excess wax. This type has a life expectancy of about three years, after which the slate will need to be stripped of what remains, and be cleaned and resealed. Leave no dust or grit behind because it will interfere with the mopping process.

As wax is water resistant, if you miss any parts, you will notice it during washing, so make sure it is all cleaned away before you begin that process. In fact, I had an opportunity to experience part of this history when I was called to a house to work on a old Flagstone floor which is believed to be years old.

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You can try to repair some of the damage anyway with cleaning before you proceed further. You can also apply certain kinds of sealers to slate tile to get a more defined finish. Burnishing Old Flagstones After completing the cleaning, I moved on to the burnishing process.

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Clean the entire floor with the mop, refreshing the water in it periodically. Use a water test to achieve full cure sealability F.