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The five people you meet in heaven was an immediate success. He grew up in a small, middle-class neighborhood which most people never left. An original song soundtrack for the book was released by Republic Records four days before the book's release. At nine years old, Frankie is sent to America in the bottom of a boat. Mitch reunited with Morrie after college only to find Mr.

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The themes in the book include there are no random acts in life, lives are sacrificed to save others, forgiveness, the power of love, and various moods. His journey has been one of hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity. Dor's obsession takes up so much of his time that he misses out on some of the most important things in life. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto.

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This man wants to destroy the gods and become the ultimate ruler. Frankie chooses to become a singer over a guitar player, his true passion, and his meteoric rise pushes Aurora away. In this novel, Dor is obsessed with time.

For the former Disney attraction, see The Timekeeper. Mitch committed to rekindle his relationship with the wise professor. Quite simply, nq mobile security pro Mitch has the ability to write about most subjects in an engaging way.

The sardine maker treats Frankie like a son and nurtures his flair for music along with the help of a passionate drunk guitar player named El Maestro. No other writer has received the award more than once.

Instead, Dor finds himself trapped in a cave where he is destined to listen to pleas from the people on earth as time becomes more and more of an obsession among modern man. Alberto admits to killing El Maestro for money and tries to rob Frankie.

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The reader will feel sadness for the trials and tribulations Eddie experiences. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto is the story of fictional legendary musician Frankie Presto, entwining his life story with twentieth century music history. Dor is sent back to earth and told that he can finish his story by helping two people understand the things he himself failed to understand.

The Time Keeper from BookRags. During his time there, to help pay his tuition he took work as a babysitter. Frankie is heart-broken the rest of his life.

One of the most endearing trademarks about Mitch is that he is capable of relating with readers and gains their respect. Albom also serves as a contributing editor to Parade magazine. Although rejected by numerous publishing houses, Doubleday accepted the idea shortly before Schwartz's death, and Albom was able to fulfill his wish to pay Schwartz's bills. Albom is also featured in Making Music Magazine. He re-unites with Aurora and their daughter.

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto Summary & Study Guide

Frankie ends up homeless after learning the truth about his past and that his foster father lied to him about his origins. However, Dor has found ways to measure time and he spends a great deal of his time pursuing this interest.

Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. This man wants Dor to help him with his odd inventions.

Morrie never judged or preached. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Get The Time Keeper from Amazon. Upon birth, Frankie grabs a large handful of The Spirit of Music. It was eventually syndicated across the country.

His extraordinary life story intersects with real historical events and encounters with famous musicians. He is banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who came after him seeking more days and years. Frankie soon learns his guitar has the ability to save lives with its magical strings. His siblings are currently settled in Europe. Eddie a hardened war veteran feels trapped and alone in life.

Frankie and Aurora move to a small island in New Zealand to escape the limelight and reconnect. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Any authors or characters we're missing that we should add?

The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto Summary & Study Guide

The town is fictional, and not the real Coldwater, Michigan, but Albom pays tribute to the real small town in the book's acknowledgements. Although Mitchell earned a degree in Business Administration he took courses in sociology which proved to be very useful later in life.

The Time Keeper Summary & Study Guide

The narrative jumps back to the Woodstock festival where Frankie completes a journey to the stage, revealing Aurora is not there and that they lost a baby through Frankie's drug use. The novel is told from the first-person perspective of Music, the spiritual embodiment of musical talent.

In Part Five, Frankie and his family return to Spain. As she lies dying, Dor struggles with the loss and begins to wish he had more time. The Time Keeper is a work of inspirational fiction by author Mitch Albom.

Eddie has a dead end job of fixing rides in a silly amusement part. No one had ever asked Albom this question before. Eventually, Dor has a chance to redeem himself and regain his freedom. Read more from the Study Guide. Dor is given the power to control time.

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Punished for trying to measure time, Dor is banished to a cave for thousands of years. He is found by a sardine maker who adopts him. It was college all over again. For One More Day is about a son who gets to spend a day with his mother who died eight years earlier. When a boy begins paying attention to Sarah, she believes he is in love.

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