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Actually, it is a theme manager of iPhone. What's the summit in buying a latest iPhone if it appears precisely like the anachronistic one? Phone Search Advanced Search. Includes stock icons and loading screens, wallpaper, lock screen, and dialer.

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Redmond Pie

The jeans background and the badges as application icons takes you back to the college days. Both the methods are easier, but the second one is simpler.

It is the same as Jeans iPhone Themes. However, you will get some normal and boring themes from winter board, but you can install some latest and fresh themes from our website and transfer it to your iPhone. It is a quite simple process.

Try touching just left or right of the phone icon and it should launch. It gives you the impression as if you are holding the whole of China in the palm of your hands! However is this latest iPhone a laudable develop? This is the theme for you!

Well, this could be one of the biggest reasons why you jailbreak your iPhone. Really cool collection of themes. Thus, in this way, you can make your iPhone much more interesting than others and can share with your friends too. Discover how to download and install iPhone themes easily.

Thus, t value software you can activate any themes with the assistance of winter board. Needless to say that you have to jailbreak your iPhone before being able to install any of these themes. Then copy the folder of themes and paste to the other one. Blue Space iPhone Theme Stars in the space as the background with multicolored buttons.

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Jailbreak your iPhone to install themes

This a the grate things thank you for you post. In a lot of habits, the cell brings on its assures. Pink Apple Be a man, get this theme!

So far, we still have several anxietys. It would be easy to banish the mobilephone as an unimportant hardware develop. Am I missing a great pink theme? It's sufficient to find our notice, however not sufficient to find us absolutely animated. It will not change any text entered by users.

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How to transfer iPhone themes Now the question may arise that how to transfer it? Now the question may arise that how to transfer it? All iPhone icons are placed around the center in circular unique way. Gone Pink A very pink theme for the ladies!

WinterBoard theme for a specific taste. So, what are you waiting for, give your mobile a new appearance every day.

WhiteD00r iOS 11 theme for iPhone 3GS

After completion of this process, search the winter board app and install it. Yes, there are two methods of transferring. Free Download Free Download. Then, you need to launch the Cydia app available on the home screen.

You can't change your iPhone theme unless you jailbreak your iPhone. Today, iPhone themes have become a great source of attraction for many people. All these pink iPhone themes are available from Cydia and are for use with WinterBoard. Package comes with blue, orange, and pink variations.

The order process, tax issue and invoicing to end user is conducted by Wonbo Technology Co. You can see your best iPhone themes, so activate any one of them, it will restart automatically and finally you see that your old theme gets changed with the new and interesting one. Everything works find except the weather. It has an amazing blue highlight effect with a black background which gives it a very stylish look.

It's center anyplace all the changes have occured, with Apple issuing a beefed up Microprocessor, latest inside scope, better capacities for storage space, and better optics for its camera. Winterboard can be downloaded from Cydia for free.