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Under the name of Whatsapp web, the software is now used mostly on the computer to customize and optimize the functions. So, I changed the date, as you suggest in your text.

Use WhatsApp in obsolete version by changing date

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How to Access WhatsApp When App Version Is Outdated

Through the video calls, you will have such face-to-face conversation freely even for the whole day. WhatsApp's default chat interface is its bread and butter, and arguably its most important feature. You can even save, archive, email or delete all conversations with a specific contact. This is a feature which has been highly requested by WhatsApp users. If you're someone who has a busy social schedule and where staying in touch is essential, WhatsApp is the must-have instant messenger.

This is highly useful when organizing a social event such as a night out, a charity event, a soccer match, etc. You can even capture a moment with the built-in camera quickly and easily. Best of all, the group will be contained in a single chat window. Comprising a compact chat window with basic text entry options, it enabled instant communication in increasingly creative ways with people from all over the world. Clear app cache and app data of WhatsApp and Play Store.

Use WhatsApp in obsolete version by changing date

The first feature why WhatsApp tends to be attractive is the simple and reliable text messaging. Chat logs are color coded, dated, and have the option of adding custom wallpaper.

Although Whatsapp is used for mobile phones, nowadays, you use this software on your computer. Chat with them in new and exciting ways using the group chat and broadcast features. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Thus, this software also plays an important role in your working activities. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Cons Some common file formats are not supported as attachments. Other feature added to this software is the end-to-end encryption.

At the top of the chat window are even more options, including voice calling, media history from the contact, and an attachments button. Most group chat can be categorized into your old friends, workmates, family, or some certain community you are involved in.

At Easy Code Way, he writes about tech related tricks, tips and how-to tutorials. He is the founder of this blog where he mostly writes about tech related tutorials. In this case, you can make a voice call or video call to anyone around the world at free as long as you always turn on your internet connection. Well, I am Anna and I have been using whatsapp since september of this year. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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When you are chatting with someone, the app uses a built-in delivery notice system, whereby two blue ticks will indicate successful delivery of a message. Getting started with the app is quite simple because its quick download and installation process. Along with this feature, you will be able to share any photo or video instantly. He loves to share his knowledge and experience to help other people.

It's simple to use, compact, multifunctional and tailored perfectly to the social media savvy user. From times to times, WhatsApp is developed in the features.

So, then iPhone told me that I had to update my Whatsapp version it doesn't let me use the older version. This button is not reliable as a standard messenger, since there are many formats that it does not support, such as any kind of text file.

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For most optimal use, it can be installed on the computer so that you can use it to support your work dealing with document sharing as well as other needs. It also offers a nice group chat which can be easily organized. The chat interface has been updated to include emoticons, file attachments as well as pictures, video clips and voice clips, making chatting the most personal experience ever.

Download it now and experience it for yourself! The app is available to download here, completely free.

This will let you send a single message to all of your WhatsApp contacts instantly, for instance if you have a birthday coming up or some other event. The last but not least feature of WhatsApp is the photos and videos sharing. Most of your moments which you share on WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end to make sure that your data are secure or well-protected. The latest version of WhatsApp contains many additional options for its users, google earth street view for windows 7 in an effort to compete with other messengers such as Facebook. Please go to Google Play Store to download the latest version.